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Alan Hudson
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Alan has been fascinated by making and looking at pictures since early childhood. He studied at Maidstone Art School in the 1970s and obtained a BA Hons degree in Fine Art. Later he lived in London for over 40 years working as a teacher, social worker and psychotherapist with children, young people and families. On retirement he moved to Dorset and has taken up painting regularly again, seeking to improve his skills and find a visual ‘voice ’ for this stage of his life. Alan enjoys using different media, predominantly using graphite, ink and charcoal in various forms and oil paint. He has begun to experiment with egg tempera since early 2020 and developed an interest in ‘writing’ Icons.  

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If you would like to buy one of my paintings you have two options. You can either visit the shop, or if you prefer, you can contact me directly (opens in a new window).

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